Our COVID-19 Safety

Learn how Pacific Perks® will keep your team safe and your tastebuds exhilarated, despite the challenges we all face.

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Pacific Perks COVID-19 Safe Mobile Cafe

Your safety is our priority

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us to reconsider how we can safely and effectively do business, in spite of the many challenges we face.

Pacific Perks® believes in finding creative solutions to these challenges that keep your staff or guests safe, and our team safe, while never diminishing the quality of the great food, drink, service, and experiences we live to provide.

With workers returning to offices, clients’ expectations increasing, and people looking to return to a new normal, we are here to help revitalize your organization’s culture, feed their motivation, or just help you thank them for hanging in there and bringing their A-game in these unprecedented times.

In doing so, safety is always top of mind with Pacific Perks®. Even in pre-pandemic times, we strived to exceed health and safety standards, and we’re proud to say that our COVID-19 social distancing and safety plans have been incredibly successful.

If you’re looking for a creative, satisfying and safe way to welcome your team back to the office, give meeting attendees that extra special something, or have a client or a referral partner you’d like to recognize, then we’d love to help you!

Pacific Perks® is the fun, delicious, and safe choice for your guests!

Zero contact. 100% delicious!

Many have reached out to learn more about how we have implemented social distancing and zero contact guidelines into our service delivery. We wanted to share our process with you, so you can feel 100% confident that your team or guests will always be protected when you choose Pacific Perks®.

Pacific Perks’ zero contact and social distancing details:

  • The Pacific Perks® cart can be inside or outside (overhead coverage needed)
  • We are happy to wear a mask at your event whenever needed
  • Your Perkologist® comes with their own hand sanitizer and can bring their own personal handwashing station
  • The Perkologist® is positioned behind the cart and plexiglass for zero contact.
  • There is an opening on the left side of the cart where your guests will grab their “Perk-me-up”.
  • We have brought back our full menu and will be highlighting seasonal drinks each month!
Pacific Perks Mobile Coffee Bar COVID Safety

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