COVID-19 Safety

A Pacific Perks Perkologist preparing a coffee for someone following COVID-19 best practices

Our Social Distancing Plan

To be safe and accommodate for zero contact, we have completely changed how we are doing events. Many have reached out asking what our “Social Distancing” events look like, and we thought we’d share with you!

Here’s the details:

  • The Pacific Perks cart can be inside or outside (overhead coverage needed).
  • Your Perkologist comes with their own hand sanitizer and can bring their own personal handwashing station.
  • Our Perkologist will have their mask ready to wear if necessary! We will make sure to wear them in medical environments and in the senior living locations.
  • The Perkologist is positioned behind the cart and plexiglass for zero contact. We had fun with the plexiglass – take a look! There is an opening on the left side of the cart where your guests will grab their “Perk-me-up”.
  • We have brought back our full menu and will be highlighting seasonal drinks each month!
Pacific Perks Coffee Cart

Safety Is Top of Mind

As things are slowly moving forward and we begin a new “normal”, we are all asking ourselves – “Where do we go from here?” Employees are coming back, clients are coming back, and things are progressing. As you’re thinking of ways to keep your culture alive, motivation going, or just want to say thank you to everyone for “hanging in there” – we’d love to help.

Safety is top of mind for everyone and we are excited to share our NEWEST Social Distancing Plan that has been very successful.

Thinking of welcoming back your team? Having a meeting and want to thank those that have been working hard from home? Or even, have a client/referral partner you would like to recognize? Maybe you just want to have some fun! Whatever the reason, we’d love to help make it easy for you!

Pacific Perks Coffee Social Distancing Line