Introducing the All-New Grilled Cheese Experience Bar!


A menu of 5 delicious custom sandwiches to choose from, including the Pesto Don’t Preach.

$16.50 per person  |  $412.50 minimum

*Please inquire about Gluten Free & Vegan options

May not be available in all markets.

Grilled Cheese Experience Sandwich Options

  • The Melter Skelter – When you get to the bottom of this sandwich, you’ll want to do it again! It’s a brand-new take on a classic grilled cheese, featuring piping hot cheddar, provolone, and (sergeant) pepper jack cheeses. Absolutely fab!
  • The Bohemian Raspberry – This is the real life; it’s not just a fantasy! The Bohemian Raspberry sandwich is a mouth-watering harmony of cheddar cheese, bacon, and raspberry jam that’s fit for a king — or queen!
  • Smells Like Pizza Spirit – If you want to experience grilled cheese nirvana, then this is the sandwich for you! This grilled cheese is overboard with provolone, bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, and Italian seasoning to create a taste that will make you smile.
  • Pesto Don’t Preach – This grilled cheese is a ray of light — a simple but scrumptious fusion of provolone and pesto sauce that will surely have you saying “I’m crazy for you” with every bite.
  • Stairway to Bacon Heaven – With a word, you can get what you came for — and that word is bacon! Tangy, melted cheddar, crispy smoked bacon, and the sweet taste of maple syrup blended together that you’ll have a whole lotta love for!

The Grilled Cheese Experience Includes

Each Grilled Cheese Experience sandwich comes with chips, a cookie, and a lemonade.

It’s crispy. It’s crunchy. It’s cheesy and delicious — it’s the all-new Grilled Cheese Experience!

The Unifying Power of Delicious Grilled Cheese!

Has there ever been a more universally satisfying sandwich than the grilled cheese? No matter what the occasion might be and no matter how much people’s preferences may vary, the grilled cheese sandwich is a food so perfect in its simplicity yet so adaptable to different tastes and ingredients that it’s near universal in its appeal. This is just one reason why we created the Grilled Cheese Experience Bar.

Give Your Group Something Unexpected to Rave About

Catered events, whether their social gatherings, corporate events, or team building activities at the office, can be difficult to get right. All too often, the food and refreshments hit the same boring notes, and while everyone attending might appreciate the effort, things aren’t always as memorable as they could have been. So how can you give these folks something different, something unexpected, a real experience?

Toss aside the boring old veggie tray! Never mind the dried-out pre-made deli sandwiches! Begone with the overcooked, slowly congealing pasta. It’s time for The Pacific Perks Grilled Cheese Experience.

When the smell of grilling cheese fills the air, not only will they come running, but this break from the boring norm will give them something special to remember.

The Grilled Cheese Experience is Perfect for Any Occasion

The Pacific Perks team is well known for its ability to heighten and adapt to any space and for every occasion. No matter if you’re hosting a corporate or personal event, we’ll make it that much more special by providing you and your guests fresh, delicious food and top-shelf service. Pacific Perks is proud to be a part of making your upcoming event that much more special! We specialize in all types of events, including:

  • Family celebrations
  • Engagement parties
  • Grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremonies
  • Church-sponsored events
  • Corporate team building
  • Staff and customer appreciation parties
  • Graduation parties
  • Trade shows
  • Sporting events, like golf tournaments and end of season team parties
  • Neighborhood block parties
  • And many, many more!

Worried about not having enough room? Trust us, we can make just about any space work! We’ve perfected the art of creating compact cooking stations that easily fit through standard doorways and can be set up and broken down very easily and quickly.

Just imagine the delight on your guest’s faces when they realize that their event is featuring a grilled cheese bar! What could be more delightful than that?

Wanna Take Your Event from Ho-Hum to Yum Yum?
Then You Need the Grilled Cheese Experience!

With five delicious music-themed options to choose from, these crunchy, savory sandwiches will be music to your ears and a symphony for your taste buds.

We Can’t Stop the World, but We Can Melt for You!

When you’re planning an event, you know that there’s nothing more satisfying than hearing your guests tell you “That was amazing!” and when you choose something special like the Pacific Perks Grilled Cheese Experience Bar, an amazing element to your event is exactly what you’re going to get.

Want to Learn More?

Contact our Portland location at 503-400-4998, or our SW Washington location at 360-852-8542.

We can’t wait to give your event the perk it deserves!