Our mobile, made-to-order Ice Cream Sundae Bar is fun, easy and oh so delicious. We use premium ice cream and toppings, and the best part is that we go to YOU and can set up inside, outside, anywhere!


• Premium vanilla ice cream

• 7 different toppings for guests to choose from

• Personal server

• Set-up, Free & unlimited product to all guests, clean-up


• Non Dairy (soy) $25 – $50

• Italian Sodas $35

• Chocolate Ice Cream $35

• Root Beer Floats $35

• Cold Brew Affogato $50

$335 for up to two hours   |   $120 for each additional hour

2-Hour Minimum

Serves up to 75 per hour

“You Scream, I Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!”  

Whether you are 2 years old or 92 years young, who doesn’t love ice cream? Better yet, having a sundae made just the way you like it, by someone else? It’s the best! Our mobile, made-to-order Ice Cream Sundae Bar is fun, easy and oh so delicious. The best part is that we go to YOU and can set up inside, outside, anywhere!  How is that for stress-free?

We start with premium vanilla ice cream, and our guests have the option of adding multiple yummy toppings to create the sundae of their dreams. Watching your waistline? Maybe just a small scoop and a little dark chocolate. Are all bets off when it comes to your ice cream? Then order the “Kitchen Sink,” which includes ALL the toppings piled high. Imagine gourmet Chocolate & Caramel Sauce, your favorite candy toppings like crushed Heath and Oreo, whipped cream … and don’t forget the sprinkles!

Want to ensure you appeal to everyone? We have non-dairy, vegan, and chocolate ice cream upgrades available. We love to customize for you and will make your event just the way you like it!  

Promote, Reward and Celebrate the people most important to your business!

Promote:  Looking for a Customer Appreciation idea as a “Thank you for doing business with us?” We would love to be the marketing arm for you. No more lugging in tubs or coolers of ice cream yourself! Tired of just getting asked, “Where are the spoons?” Instead, give us a ring and we will do all the work while you get all the “Thanks!” No prep, planning, hassle or clean up on your end. It gets better … While your client’s ice cream sundae is being made, you get strategic face-time to build your business relationship.

Reward:  Has your team exceeded a sales or safety goal, or just worked really hard this month? The Ice Cream Sundae Bar is great for office parties, employee appreciation, and as a “congratulations” on great work accomplished.

Celebrate:  Celebrate with the Ice Cream Sundae Bar for Open houses, office relocations, Ribbon Cuttings, community events, Celebration of Life events, Retirement Parties, Weddings  Graduation Parties … the list goes on. As you can see, ice cream is perfect for any occasion!


The best part of our Ice Cream Sundae Bar is that we make it right in front of your eyes! Guests will walk up to our cart and get so excited to have a sundae made just for them, exactly the way they want it. They can have whatever toppings they enjoy and as much as they want, for multiple sundaes if they so choose. We don’t count people or sundaes; the only thing we keep track of is the happiness and joy on everyone’s faces. It’s all about the experience

Here is what your guests can enjoy:

  • Gourmet Dark Chocolate (vegan friendly)
  • Gourmet Caramel Sauce
  • Oreos
  • Heath Bar
  • M&M’s 
  • Whipped Cream
  • Sprinkles

The Ice Cream Sundae Bar is sure to impress with the experience our Perkologists create. If your guests don’t remember every detail about the Ice Cream Sundae Bar, they will certainly remember the way they felt (appreciated!) and the fun they had.

Ice Cream Any Time

The Ice Cream Sundae Bar is available any time of the day. That’s right, we said “any time!” 24/7. On a production crew and need to PERK the cast at midnight?  No problem. Ice cream for the All Night Grad Party at 2am? – We have you covered!

Though we serve all times of day, the Ice Cream Sundae Bar is a great afternoon treat for the office. It is a good way to keep your employees motivated on a hot summer day or to cool them down if the AC isn’t working the best!  

Here are some other fun ideas:

  • PERK up morale at the office
  • Customer/Employee Appreciation Day
  • Goals Achieved
  • Golf Tournament Sponsor – No power, no problem with ice cream!
  • Client Thank You
  • Referral Partner Thank You
  • Life Celebration
  • Sponsoring a community event
  • Birthday Party
  • Wedding Reception
  • Graduation Night

We are compact and self-contained; we only need a few details and a point of contact for the day of the event. We fit through any doorway and can set up inside your office – break room, conference room, foyer, warehouse, etc…  We are also able to serve outdoors too!  

Contact us! Our Event Specialists are here to ensure a painless process. We have the expertise to share ideas and make it an event to remember!