• Italian Sodas $35

• Cold Brew $50

• Energy Drinks $50

• Green Smoothie $75

• Frappé $50

Our fruit smoothies are cold, refreshing, nutritious and so tasty! The Smoothie Bar is perfect for an afternoon treat at the office, a nice cool-off at the golf tournament, and a great way to say “Thanks” at an employee appreciation event.

Our Perkologists arrive on site and whip up the deliciously blended treats right in front of you so they are fresh and ready to drink. We use a real fruit puree mixed with ice and a little milk. Don’t worry,  we have a non-dairy option available for anyone that prefers it. Flavors include Wildberry (a crowd favorite!), Peach (described by clients as absolutely “divine”), and Strawberry Banana, which is is a creamy blend of two fruit favorites.  

All three flavors are included in the Smoothie Bar. Can’t decide on which flavor to order? Try them all! With our flat-rate pricing, the service is free and unlimited to the guests. Once the first smoothie is served, we find everyone is back wanting more!

Healthy, Delicious Green Smoothie Upgrade

Healthy, delicious, green smoothies: filled with fiber, vitamins and minerals that are optimal for all-around good health! The leafy greens give a source of protein and also help with digestion. The best part is they don’t taste “green” and are absolutely delicious!  Ingredients: spinach, whole fruit (peach, mango, strawberry, pineapple, banana), and almond milk. All good ingredients for our bodies!

  • Green Smoothie upgrade a $75 flat-fee

Any Occasion

Our Perkologists are available to make your event easy, fun and memorable! We are here to engage with guests and help ensure YOU are in the spotlight, taking all the credit.  Whether our service pulls employees out of their cubicles by the sound of others tasting their smoothies … “Oh that is sooooo good” or creating a buzz for business at a trade show and/or volunteer appreciation, here are some unique event ideas for the Smoothie Bar:

  • Golf Tournament Sponsorship – Sponsor our Smoothie Bar at the registration table, at a “hole,” or as the golfers are coming off the course.
  • Community Walk or Run – Everyone will be lining up at your booth for a refreshing smoothie!
  • Blow Out Sale – Having an event or special sale? Maybe it is the annual “Sample Sale” or “Scratch & Dent” sale. Offer the Smoothie Bar as an extra PERK! Customers will feel good about their purchase and tend to stick around a little longer.
  • Employee/Client Appreciation – Surprise! Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Complimentary smoothies are being served!
  • Company Picnics – We can serve outside too!
  • Marketing Campaigns – How about a Smoothie Bar for every client that filled out a survey or reached a certain level of business with you?
  • Open House – Having an event at the office?  A Smoothie Bar is a nice perk for the guests to enjoy. 

Our carts are small, self-contained and mobile! We can set up inside, outside … anywhere! The only thing we need is access to a 110v outlet;  we will take care of the rest. We arrive early to your event, set up and are ready to serve at the start time. When the fun is completed, we clean up and roll on out! There is nothing for you to clean up and it won’t even look like we were there. No hassles, no worries.

The Smoothie Bar can serve up to 150 people in two hours, so it can handle crowds big and small. If you have a smaller crowd, no problem! Your guests will have the ability to come back, try more than one flavor and leisurely enjoy the service. For larger crowds, multiple carts can be brought in.

Contact us today! We would love to help answer any questions and share ideas for your event.  Our Event Specialists are here for you!

$350 for up to two hours   |   $130 for each additional hour

Serves up to 75 per hour