Comes with a side of fresh, whole fruit and juice.


A menu of 5 gourmet waffles to choose from including Maple & Bacon and Berries & Cream.

$16.50 per person  |  $412.50 minimum

*Please inquire about Gluten Free & Vegan options

May not be available in all markets.


The Best Belgian Waffles, Bar None

Let’s talk waffles. When it comes to breakfast foods, the Belgian waffle is a staple appreciated by both young and old. Like a blank canvas, a waffle can be transformed into a culinary delight that appeals to any foodie.

Depending on the circumstances, serving waffles makes a statement about how your organization does business or how your group likes to party. Perfect for any situation, our waffle bar makes your event a day to remember.

Unconventional Confections

Office parties, business meetings and social events that require catering usually follow traditional formulas. Pre-made sandwiches and deli meats sitting on trays, or pre-made pasta marinating in its own sauce for hours on end.

Imagine how drastically the mood will change when smells of freshly-made waffles begin to waft throughout the room. Our gorgeous displays of toppings, as well as coffee and other offerings, makes Pacific Perks a natural choice for your next event.


Made to Order

One of the biggest benefits of waffle bars is the ability for your guests to choose what type of waffle they want to have. Are they looking for a light and fruity medley with berries and whipped cream? What about a decadent waffle smothered in chocolate and caramel?

At your event, guests will have a multitude of waffle bar toppings to choose from. Our menu includes:

  • Maple & Bacon – Good Old-Fashioned Maple Syrup & Bacon

  • Berries & Chocolate – A Little Fruit with a Touch of Sweetness

  • Perkalicious – Berries, Oreo’s and Whipped Cream

  • The Elvis – Peanut Butter, Banana, and Bacon with Chocolate or Maple Syrup

  • Black & Tan – Chocolate & Caramel

Please Note: Our bar contains dairy & peanut butter

Nothing makes an impression like offering a meal exactly how your guests want it. Made fresh to order means it’s the way you want it every time!


More Than a Waffle

At Pacific Perks, we bring breakfast to you like no one else. That’s because our mobile kitchens specialize in more than just waffles. We don’t just call ourselves your personal café, we mean it. Why look to take-out when you can have wholesome, delicious food made on-site, fit for any occasion?

In addition to waffles, we host crepe and omelet bars fit for any event. For those interested in a luncheon feel to their event, we bring quesadillas and paninis into the mix. All of our offerings are prepared fresh in front of your guests, so making the meal is part of the experience!



Breakfast: It’s Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

Who says the only time for waffles is in the morning? Whether it’s at the start of the day or the end of an evening, having a made-to-order waffle bar creates the perfect meal.

A waffle bar does more than make your meals, it gives you and your guests time to mingle, facilitation introductions or create facetime with your clients at company events. Our staff is dedicating to making your event special and help you celebrate life’s special occasions.


Getting Your “Just Desserts”

Nothing goes better with waffles than a specially made cup of coffee, except maybe a generous helping of ice cream. Choosing Pacific Perks gives you the options of frappe, smoothie and ice cream bars as well!

From delicious Italian sodas to thick and creamy hot cocoa, our beverage and dessert bars are sure to please. They complement every meal and are even great picks on their own, taking your next high-powered business meeting to the next level with hot espresso and healthy smoothies too!



Any Occasion

Our team of servers and Perkologists are ready to bring both elegance and fun to your next event, no matter what that may entail. We specialize in a variety of occasions and venues, like:

  • Customer/Staff Appreciation

  • Trade Shows

  • Graduation Night/Parties

  • Golf Tournaments/Sporting Events

  • Grand Openings

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Weddings/ Family Celebrations

When it comes to space, our compact cooking stations can fit in standard entry doors and set up quickly. We’re ready to start serving when you need us! No matter the occasion, our waffle bars are ready to surprise and impress your guests with an event they’ll never forget!

There’s nothing like the scent of freshly made waffles to heighten the mood during a function. Pacific Perks brings comfort, care and class to your next event with a waffle bar that will both promote your business, reward your team and celebrate life’s special occasions.

Contact us via our Portland location at 503-400-4998, our SW Washington location at 360-852-8542, or contact us to learn how we create culinary experiences that last a lifetime!