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Natalie Fairchild

Welcome to Pacific Perks®!

I’m Natalie Fairchild, Pacific Perks® Founder and Chief “Inspirational” Officer!

We created Pacific Perks® with the idea of developing a flat-fee mobile café that specializes in providing everyone we serve with a fun and surprising food and drink experience, all while we promote your business, reward your team, or celebrate life’s most treasured events!

Every drink we serve, every sundae we scoop, and every waffle we press is fresh and made-to-order, right there in front of your guests.

We’re proud to be able to create a personalized café experience for families and organizations in the Pacific Northwest.

Hosting a graduation party? Wedding brunch? Presenting at a trade show? Having an employee or customer appreciation event? Hosting a golf tournament? Pacific Perks® can help you make it its very best!

Maya Angelou:
“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

More Reasons to Choose Pacific Perks®

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Pacific Perks’ personal cafés make good events great

Let’s face it, no matter what type of event it is, you always need something to break the ice, and that’s precisely what Pacific Perks® does. (Heck, we even bring the ice!)

Having made-to-order espresso drinks, crepes, and smoothies is the perfect way to elevate the mood, foster conversation, and make your sales meetings, family celebrations, or staff appreciation events as fruitful as they deserve to be.

Pacific Perks® can give you a business advantage

If you’re a business owner, aren’t you always looking for imaginative and effective ways to get the attention of new clients? Or showing existing clients that you think they’re special? That’s exactly what we help you do!

Our Perkologist®s are here to market your brand for you! We help you “choreograph” events through strategic catering that allows you set the pace of your meetings so you can get more face time with the people most important to your business.

They get great food, drinks, and service, and you get all the credit!

Pacific Perks® is an easy way to have a personalized catering experience

Everything we do for you and your guests is made-to-order.

Why settle for impersonal, boxed catering when you can give your attendees exactly what they want, served fresh by Perkologist®s who specialize in creating good times.

And Pacific Perks® makes the whole experience easy! We handle all of the set-up, service, breakdown, and cleanup. All you need to do is indulge!

The Pacific Perks’ Perkology team helps you focus your energy

Our Perkologist®s are trained to complement your event’s atmosphere by warmly engaging with your guests, and adding a top-shelf service experience in every interaction they have, and every order they serve.

Each Perkologist® is trained to adapt to the tone of your event, always bringing about just the right amount of fun and style.

Similar services will charge by the number of attendees, but not Pacific Perks®. Our mobile beverage and treat cafés are by-the-hour affairs, meaning your guests can come back as often as they like to enjoy our offerings.

a happy attendee tasting the whipped cream on an espresso drink she just received from a Pacific Perks Perkologist
So, relax. Grab a drink. Get a sundae with your favorite toppings. Leave it all to us. We want you to focus on the people who are most important to you.

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Let Pacific Perks® help you PROMOTE your business, REWARD your staff, and CELEBRATE all of life’s most special moments.
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