The Italian Soda Mobile Café

A deliciously fizzy and delightfully unexpected way to satisfy your guests

$400 for the first two hours
$150 each additional hour
Serves up to 75 per hour

Smoothie – $50
Energy Drink – $50
Cold Brew – $50

torn paper edge
Italian soda options at mobile Italian soda cart

Italian sodas are next-level refreshment

Sometimes, all you need is a cool, refreshing drink to take your event to the next level, and that’s exactly what you’ll do when you choose the Pacific Perks® Italian Soda Mobile Café.

No matter if you’re hosting an employee appreciation party, a formal dance like prom, sponsoring a golf tournament, or managing a booth at an industry trade show, Pacific Perks can make your party the most memorable experience possible.

Our Italian Soda Mobile Café adds a level of sophistication to the atmosphere that can’t be beat. But it’s not just sophistication that makes our Italian sodas so great, it’s their taste, too!

These fizzy drinks come in 10 different delicious flavors, and are sure to impress your guests!

We adapt to your event, and to your environment

Our mobile food and drink carts only need about four feet of space and a little wiggle room for our Perkologist®s in order to make the magic happen. We can even make it happen outside, if that’s your preference!

All the supplies, all the cleanup, all the things you’d normally have to worry about are entirely taken care of by our team. This means you get to focus your energy and attention on your guests, and you get to enjoy an Italian soda or two, too!

We set up quickly and efficiently, our Perkologist®s are trained to adapt to the tone and feel of your event, and we’ll clean up just as thoroughly and as swiftly as we set up.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, it is! Why not choose Pacific Perks® for your next event!

a Pacific Perks Italian soda on a table in front of a child with rainbow butterfly face paint

Make your memories more memorable, make your days more delicious, with Pacific Perks®!