A Pacific Perks Perkologist preparing a coffee for someone following COVID-19 best practices

Pacific Perks

Your Personal Café

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The Pacific Perks Espresso Blend is now available to enjoy in your home.

  • Perkology Coffee Blend
  • Perkology Decaf Coffee Blend
  • Perkatory “Darker Than 2020” Coffee Blend


Pacific Perks is following all the guidelines and legally able to continue our work in Oregon and Washington with appropriate parameters set in place due to COVID-19.  All of our equipment is being scrubbed down before and after each event and our staff is wearing gloves and face masks for all services.  We understand this is a hardship for so many and will work diligently to work with our clients with  cancelations/rescheduled events.


We are looking for energetic and personable individuals to join our team as a Brand Ambassadors.


Pacific Perks is a flat-fee mobile cafe specializing in creating a fun and surprising experience while we promote your business, reward your team, and celebrate life’s events.







Willamette Valley

Events Of All Types

  • Weddings
  • Trade Shows & Conferences
  • Promotional Events
  • Staff Appreciations
  • Graduations
Pacific Perks coffee cups

Your Source for Espresso Bar Catering

Pacific Perks is a mood-enhancing catering experience that brings offices together, creates sales opportunities, entices prospects and WOWs your guests. Our services are perfect for corporate and private events including parties, sales meetings, client or staff appreciations and weddings. We are YOUR personal cafe.

Business Advantage

Looking to grow your business and “get-in-the-door” with new customers? We are here to market for YOU. We “choreograph” events with strategic catering that allows you to slow down the meeting and get more face-to-face time with the people important to your business. Our unique on-cart signage gains you visibility and reminds the guests that YOU brought them this perk! Basically, you get all the credit.

The Pacific Perks Advantage

We personalize catering by making everything made-to-order instead of being boxed or dropped off. We make your life easier by setting up, serving and hauling it all away – no mess for you! We are that unique addition to stimulate your events while not busting your budget, and we strive to help you PROMOTE your business, REWARD your staff and CELEBRATE life.

Social Advantage

Our skilled Baristas create a warm, polished atmosphere – trained to engage with your guests and add singularity to your party with their actions and words.  Basically we know how to party in style and keep it fun. Most of our services are charged by the hour, not by the person so your guests can come back as often as they’d like. With your very own Pacific Perks Professionals handling the food and drinks at your event, you’ll be able to relax and focus on the people most important to you.

Pacific Perks founder Natalie Fairchild