The Omelet Mobile Café

Our Perkologist®s are experts at whipping up hot, delicious made-to-order omelets just for you!

$17.50 per plate
Minimum of $437.50
Plus gratuity

May not be available in all markets

Our Omelet Bar is Gluten Free, but ask about our Vegan options!

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Mobile omelet cafe

The beauty of an Omelet Mobile Café at your next event

There are few things more unifying than food. One way to make the experience of food even better is by giving your guests the opportunity to customize their orders, so that’s just what we’ve done with our Omelet Bar Experience!

Not only will your guests have a variety of tasty toppings to choose from, including ham, cheese, organic spinach, mushrooms, and Italian seasoning, but each custom-made omelet comes with a side of whole, fresh fruit as well as a glass of juice. Now that’s something to rave about!

Give your guests a pleasant surprise — one that they’ll love

Whether you’re celebrating a loved one’s graduation, hosting new clients, or showcasing your brand at an industry trade show, the Omelet Bar is the perfect way to engage your guests, give them something that you know they’ll enjoy, all while allowing you the time and energy to facilitate your event.

Our Perkologist®s make great omelets, and provide great service

When you bring in the Pacific Perks® team to your event, you can feel confident that we’ll adapt to the mood of your event, provide great service, and make delicious food.

Consider the Omelet Mobile Café for events like:

  • Family celebrations
  • Resident appreciation
  • Day after wedding brunch
  • Grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremonies
  • Church-sponsored events
  • Celebrations of life
  • Corporate team building
  • Staff and customer appreciation parties
  • Graduation parties
  • Trade shows
  • And many, many more!

Our team is adaptable and is adept at making any space, great or small, work. We’ll handle all the setup, service, and cleanup. We make it easy and delicious!

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Make your memories more memorable, make your days more delicious, with Pacific Perks®!

an omelet on a plate with berries from a Pacific Perks mobile food bar