Mobile Cafés for Weddings

Love is sweet — but your wedding day could be even sweeter!

Signature Espresso Bar

$650 for three hours

Additional Milk Alternatives – $35
Green Tea Matcha – $35
Cold Brew – $50
Energy Drinks – $50
Cider & Eggnog (seasonal) – $50
Cider – $35
Affogato – $##

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

$500 for the first two hours

Non-dairy Ice Cream – $35
Root Beer Floats – $35
Chocolate Ice Cream – $50
Cold Brew Affogato – $50

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a couple kissing on their wedding day, hosted with a Pacific Perks Coffee espresso mobile café

Give your guests a wedding day experience they won’t soon forget

Planning a wedding is no easy feat. The never ending to do list, DIY projects and finding unique ways to keep your guests happy can add some serious stress to what should be one of the happiest days of your life.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential to work with vendors who not only deliver a unique and exciting experience to your guests but can do so without adding more stress to your already full plate.

Pacific Perks® does just that. Let us help you make your special day even more special with dessert and espresso options to keep the party going all evening long!

Espresso Bar for Weddings

After all the time you spent planning your wedding day, it’s important to keep the party going ‘til the very last minute, and what better way to do that than with an after dinner pick-me-up. With our Signature Espresso Bar, your personal Perkologist® essentially brings an entire coffee shop to your wedding and serves up anything from traditional espresso drinks to hot tea to Italian sodas.

With 2% milk, almond milk and our proprietary espresso blend included (and several fun upgrades available, too), we’ll keep your guests caffeinated and happy during your reception, rehearsal dinner or day-after brunch.

a sign congratulating a newlywed couple on a Pacific Perks espresso bar mobile café at a wedding
a hand holding a Pacific Perks ice cream sundae up to the menu listing all of the available toppings

Ice Cream Sundae Bar for Weddings

It would be hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a scoop of ice cream and their choice of fixin’s, especially on a warm Summer day. Our mobile, made-to-order Ice Cream Bar is perfect for couples who want something unique for wedding day dessert, and your guests will love it, too!

We make it easy to offer a delicious sweet treat at your wedding reception, rehearsal dinner or day-after festivities. Your personal Perkologist® will bring premium vanilla ice cream, an array of toppings and even some customized surprises to wow your guests, like a custom menu and signage. It’s every bride’s dream to have a sundae named after them, isn’t it?

Once you’ve hired Pacific Perks® for your big day, we’ll handle all the details and just need some space and access to power when we arrive onsite. From additional setup and cleanup time to cups, bowls and utensils, we’ve got you covered!

Give your family & friends a unique (and sweet!) wedding day experience with Pacific Perks®!