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 Pacific Perks® FAQs

Pacific Perks espresso mobile café at an outdoor graduation party

Is an oversized door needed to accommodate mobile carts?

Nope! There’s no need to worry about that. A standard door size will easily accommodate our mobile carts for entering and exiting your premises.

How much notice do you need before booking an event?

Ideally, we like 2 weeks of prep time before an event, but we still recommend calling — event if it’s last minute — because we’re creative and would love to help you with your event.

How much space do I need in order to fit a mobile bar?

Honestly, not much! Typically, a 4-foot wide space for the cart itself and a little extra space for our Perkologist to stand and work is all that we will need. Our mobile bars are fully contained, incredibly compact, and can be easily set up inside or outside, so long as we have access to power and can provide coverage in case of inclement weather.

What kind of power/outlets are required for your mobile bars?

All we need is a standard 110V outlet in order to provide you delicious food and drink!

Do I need to supply dinnerware and utensils?

You do not! Your Perkologist® will bring everything you need in order to comfortably serve your guests.

Do you charge extra for more people than originally anticipated?

We only charge for extra attendees for food bars that exceed the originally specified number of guests.

What happens if I need to cancel my event?

Hey, things happen! Sometimes, schedules or plans change. The Pacific Perks’ policy for cancellation requires a 48-hour notice, or will be subject to a fee up to $100, respectively. We appreciate your understanding, and thank you for your business!

a group posing with their Pacific Perks espresso drinks at an Evergreen Christian Center
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