Gourmet Hot Cocoa Mobile Café

A hot, chocolatey, and decadent treat that will really hit the spot!

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$400 for the first two hours
$150 each additional hour
Serves up to 50 per hour

Matcha – $35
Cider & Eggnog (seasonal) – $50

Ask about our Non-Dairy/Vegan options!

Pacific Perk hot cocoa bar

Blow their minds (and their taste buds) with a hot cocoa experience

Isn’t there something that is just so incredibly special about hot cocoa? It’s more than it simply tastes delicious, which it does, but it also creates a feeling of nostalgia. Warm, creamy, and sweet — there’s really nothing else like it.

The thing is, your guests will feel that sense of nostalgia, too, and you’ll have provided them an experience that they’ll surely never forget, or get anywhere else. It’s not just a cup of hot chocolate. It’s a warm hug. It’s a bright smile. It’s a sincere thank you that you communicate without having to say a thing.

Our Hot Cocoa Mobile Café includes

Our Hot Cocoa Bar features standard hot chocolate drinks, as well as gourmet drinks such as salted caramel cocoa, s’mores, and raspberry truffle. (Your mouth is watering already, isn’t it?)

We only use premium chocolate sauce (vegan friendly) in our cocoa, and can provide your guests over five gourmet toppings to mix into their drinks. We steam the milk to perfection before blending in the gourmet toppings and chocolate. Yum!

Our Perkologist®s are here to serve you

Our team of Perkologist®s are special. And they’re great at what they do. They serve delicious drinks, endlessly craveable food, and they’re experts at providing top-rate service. They’ll adapt their style to the tone of your event, and will make everyone, including you, feel a sense of delight with every drink that they serve.

Perkologist Sophia with Santa, who is holding a Pacific Perks hot cocoa
Pacific Perks hot cocoa sitting in front of Christmas presents and decorations

We recommend that you consider the Hot Cocoa Mobile Café for events like:

  • Family celebrations
  • Engagement parties
  • Wedding receptions
  • Grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremonies
  • Church-sponsored events
  • Corporate team building
  • Staff and customer appreciation parties
  • Trade shows
  • Holiday or winter gathering
  • Holiday parties
  • And many, many more!
We just need about four feet space for our cart to fit comfortably in your space. You’ll be blown away by how much delicious hot cocoa we can make with such a small cart, but that’s the beauty of Pacific Perks®. Small footprint, big taste!

We can even serve your guests outside, if you like. All we need is a standard 110V outlet and overhead coverage.

And set up? Don’t worry about it! Supplies? We’ve got everything you need. Cleanup? That’s what we’re here for!

Our team is friendly, efficient, and thorough. If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your event, then Pacific Perks® is the perfect choice to make that dream a reality.

a Pacific Perks hot cocoa with s'more toppings in front of a fireplace

Make your memories more memorable, make your days more delicious, with Pacific Perks®!