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The Entrepreneur's Journey - LIVE podcast with Marden Nochez and Natalie Fairchild

The Entrepreneur’s Journey – LIVE

The world of entrepreneurship is a fascinating one. Starting a business can be a challenging and rewarding experience, filled with highs and lows. For aspiring entrepreneurs, learning from the experiences of successful business owners can be incredibly valuable....

The Entrepreneur's Journey - LIVE podcast with Marden Nochez and Natalie Fairchild

The Entrepreneur’s Journey – LIVE Podcast

We are excited to announce The Entrepreneur's Journey - LIVE podcast that will be making its debut on April 21st at 9am. This podcast is hosted by Marden Nochez and Natalie Fairchild, who together have over 10 years of experience in the business world. Marden is...

Unaplologetically Strong

Unapologetically STRONG

What are you unapologetic for?  Is it your strength, your loudness, your passion, your nerdiness???  Whatever it is there is, sometimes those gifts inside us aren’t celebrated by the outside world.  You might be able to relate to feedback telling us...

Pacific Perks is so excited to announce that Franchise Opportunities are now available in the State of California!

Pacific Perks Franchising Opportunities in California

Pacific Perks is proud to announce its registration in the State of California to franchise. With this exciting new development, Pacific Perks Franchising, LLC is thrilled to bring its innovative and successful franchise model to California. Natalie Fairchild,...

Natalie and Tristan at the Funemployment Radio podcast studio

Pacific Perks on Funemployment Radio Podcast

Natalie and Tristan recently joined the Funemployment Radio podcast. Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts Some of the topics we discuss: What Franchise territory is open in Oregon! Attending the Franchise West Expo in March ( Tristan's...

Natalie Fairchild on Disruptors Live with Abby and Andy

Natalie Fairchild on Disruptors Live

Natalie recently sat down for a conversation with Abby and Andy on Disruptors Live. They discuss the Pacific Perks business, becoming a franchise, and creating a healthy work-life balance. Check out their conversation below!...

See Something, Say Something Pic

See Something (good), Say Something, (good)!

See Something, Say Something We are familiar with the catchy phrase,  “see something, say something” in the campaign of being self aware of our surroundings.  If something doesn’t look right, speak up to keep everyone safe.  It has become an important reminder!...

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