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$13.75 PER POUND

The Perkatory “Darker than 2020” Coffee Blend is a dark roast that will tantalize your soul. Enjoy the bold tastes of coffee to wash away the sorrows of 2020. Side effects might include: A dark sense of humor, sleep deprivation, and ability to get all tasks on your “quarantined” list completed. If you enjoy the taste of coffee more than you do all the fluff, you will love this blend – smooth in texture and loved by all coffee snobs. Roasted right here in the Pacific Northwest, our unique blend is considered an authentic Italian style espresso by both roast level and flavor profile. Find your escape from the darkness with a cup of our Perkatory Blend….


$13.75 PER POUND

The Perkology Coffee Blend medium-dark roast is now available to enjoy in your home. Smooth in texture and roasted right here in the Pacific Northwest, our unique blend is considered an authentic Italian style espresso by both roast level and flavor profile. Enjoy!


Each Blend Available In:

  • Whole Bean
  • Ground
  • K-Cups (12 count)



Starting December 4th you can PICK UP your coffee bean orders EVERY FRIDAY between the hours of 10 am-3 pm*!  Save on shipping and get your coffee locally!
*Not a great time for you?  Call us and we can arrange something that will work.



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“There’s no better way to start your day! Having worked for Pacific Perks for almost nine years, I have consistently received compliments on the taste and quality of our espresso from our clients, even from self-proclaimed “coffee snobs.” With the shift in the current climate of business, our Pacific Perks Espresso Blend is now available for you to savor in the comfort of your own home! I am using our ground espresso blend for my home brewed drip coffee each and every morning to the delight of my taste buds and morning routine. If you are among the many who are drinking more coffee at home these days, give the Pacific Perks Espresso Blend a try. Your taste buds and morning routine will thank you!”

– Lisa, Beaverton, OR



“Pacific Perks – where you get only the best roasted coffee. Deep bold flavor, a treat every morning. You can smell and taste the richness in every cup. And here I thought I couldn’t find a coffee I would love.  It’s simply the best!”

– Gary, Gresham, OR



“Pacific Perks coffee always tastes so fresh and has great depth to it. Always a hit in our house!”

– Amanda, Vancouver, WA



“Pacific Perks is our new go-to, favorite brewed coffee. We ordered ground. It was personally delivered, and the taste is beyond delicious. It is perfectly balanced, and very clean tasting. We love our Pacific Perks coffee!”

– Darby, Vancouver, WA



“This coffee is the only kind my husband let’s me get! He loves it, so it is here to stay for us!”

– Kathy, Gresham, OR



“Great coffee and wonderful people!”

– Heather, Vancouver, WA



“Coffee is my favorite thing, period! I won’t settle for average coffee and the Pacific Perks blend is one of the best I’ve ever had. As espresso, it produces a rich, dark, flavorful shot, perfect for any latte. At home, I make it in my French press. It’s well-balanced and creamy with a smooth finish! Not bitter at all!”

– Sarah, Salmon Creek, WA



“Super yummy!”

– Rachel, Lake Oswego, OR




We are not able to accept returns on coffee due to its perishable nature. However, if you have any issues with your order, contact us within one week of receiving your order at Please include pictures if there is any damage to the product or shipping materials so that we can ensure these are properly addressed.

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Perkatory "Darker Than 2020" Coffee Blend, Perkology Coffee Blend, Perkology Decaf Coffee Blend


Whole Bean, Ground, K-Cups (12 count)