A full-service “coffee shop on wheels” using locally-roasted espresso blend.

Service includes:

• Flavored Lattes & Mochas

• Smoothies

• Almond Milk

• Chai Tea

• Gourmet Hot Chocolate

• Flavored Steamers

• Assorted Teas


• Cold Brew

• Italian Sodas

• Frappé

• Energy Drinks

• Green Smoothie

• Additional Milk Alternative

• Matcha

Seasonal Upgrades:

• Cider (Sept./Oct.)

• Eggnog & Cider (Nov./Dec.)

$350 for up to two hours   |   $130 for each additional hour

Serves up to 50 per hour



Enjoy all the benefits of a fully-equipped cafe at your next party, reunion or company event. Whether you’re enjoying an all-day corporate event or your family brunch, our espresso bar can bring you the full-service premium coffee and tea beverages that everyone will love.

Locally-Roasted Coffee Blends

Our coffee is roasted locally to provide a fresh, high-quality espresso blend for your event. Unlike commercial coffee roasters, our roasters produce small batches that don’t spend days in shipment across the world.

Coffee beans are best when ground and brewed fresh. Whether extracted through our professional espresso machine or brewed in your home coffee pot, your coffee will be more flavorful, dynamic and memorable if it’s brewed soon after roasting. The short travel time between our local roasters and your cup helps us give you nothing but the best in every shot of espresso.

Whether you love the dark, full-bodied flavor of premium espresso or just enjoy a good cup of coffee, our coffee bar is built on a foundation of strong and flavorful espresso. Espresso beans are dark-roasted to ensure a full flavor, even when mixed with milk, chocolate or other ingredients.




Handcrafted Specialty Beverages

From simple shots of espresso to a range of flavored lattes, you’ll find all the coffee drinks at our mobile espresso cart. We always carry the ingredients necessary for traditional offerings and a few additions. From a latte drinks to mochas and other coffee drinks, keep your event caffeinated and satisfied.

For individuals who don’t drink coffee, our espresso cart is packed with many non-coffee options for hot or cold drinks. Chai tea, steamers, gourmet hot chocolate and assorted teas provide a warm, soothing cup for chilly, outdoor events or early-morning seminars.

Sunny days outdoors requires a cool drink. Ask about our smoothie and Italian soda upgrades and pricing. These refreshing drinks can come in a variety of flavors but aren’t available in all markets. An Italian soda combines crisp and cool soda water with your favorite fruity syrup. For a more rich and creamy option, add a splash of cream and a dollop of whipped cream.




Our coffee bar is designed to be complimentary to your employees and guests. We offer a flat hourly rate. This affordable alternative allows your guests to enjoy our full line of specialty coffee drinks without worrying about their wallets. Rates start at:

    • $335 for the first two hours

    • $120 each additional hour

    • Smaller group? Call us so we can customize just for you!

Each of our portable coffee carts handle up to 50 customers per hour. We can serve up to 1000 people by using multiple carts. We can consult with you to determine how many carts you’ll need for your event. 

If you need a light snack to accompany our drinks, ask about pricing and availability of our scones, muffins and cupcakes. Our smoothies, Italian sodas and these light snacks are available for select markets and provide another layer of service to complement our tea and coffee selections.




Setup Requirements

With a four-foot cart, our compact setup requires very little in terms of space. We can set up inside or outside (with overhead coverage) with a standard door entrance. You only need to supply a standard 110-volt outlet for our cart.

From utensils and napkins to coffee and tea, we come equipped with everything we need to supply your guests with their favorite coffee and tea beverages. We’ll help you consider traffic routes and plan the best location for our mobile setup.

If you’re concerned about the number of guests, let us help determine whether our cart can meet your needs. Our espresso cart works best when it serves up to 50 people per hour, but this rate can be flexible depending on your needs.




We service events all around our area. If your event is in or near these locations, ask about scheduling our services at your next party, meeting or career day:

Our portable cart can navigate many locations, so find out today if there’s availability in your area for your planned event. Graduation parties, wedding receptions and employee appreciation days are all welcome.




Contact Us Today

Is your business just getting started? If you don’t have a planned event in the future, we’ll help you create a welcoming event with our specialized espresso cart and diverse offerings. To get started scheduling your next big event, contact us today. Sometimes the best way to say thank you is with a premium, handcrafted latte.