Appreciating Your Employees

Appreciating your employees is as important as your bottom line – literally!  Research shows that employees will leave a company because they don’t feel appreciated.  Appreciation is more important than a pay raise for many employees.  Though it is hard to believe, study after study has shown this fact. Everyone wants to feel like they have a purpose, and that their contribution is making a difference.  Sometimes pay raises can be challenging to give, but a simple “Thank You” goes a long way.

Here are a few small ideas that can make a BIG impact.

  • Spread the Love…. Whenever you hear ANY positive feedback about your employees, SHARE IT with them!
  • Recognize people publicly!  Mention them in a meeting, write about them in the company newsletter, and/or post positive feedback you have received.  Everyone likes to be acknowledged!
  • Start a Recognition program at your company.  Let employees/managers nominate someone who has helped them or the business is some way.
  • Create a “Lifesavers” program.  Have Lifesaver candy available to be handed out when someone has “saved” them.
  • Create a weekly, monthly or quarterly program where your company brings in a “Perk” for the employees.  Ideas are Massage Therapists, Espresso Bars, Birthday Celebrations, Lunch or Breakfast, Special Treats and/or even a comedian over the lunch hour.

It feels good to give, so you as a manager or owner will get something out of giving as well!  You can literally raise the energy level in your organization by doing a few simple things.  If you are new to this idea, start with #1 on the list.  Try to give out 5 “Spread The Love” comments today.  They have to be genuine, but they don’t have to be big.  For example, complement someone on a great idea given in a meeting, or if they exude a great positive energy – comment on that!  Ask their feedback on something and let them know you value their opinion.  If you see them working hard – tell them.  Have a bunch of giftcards to a local cafe or coffee shop to be able to hand out at a moments notice.

Spread the love, be genuine and enjoy your return on investment  – Tenfold!!


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