You’ve Been Perked
Perking It Forward: Country Financial Golf Tournament

Perking It Forward: Country Financial Golf Tournament

We had the pleasure of attending the annual Country Financial Golf Tournament this year, benefiting A Caring Closet. We have been proud supporters of A Caring Closet for many years, including members of our operations team on the board of directors currently, and...

Sara Tille with a friend from the ER Team

Meet Our SuperPerkologist – Sarah Tille

Sara texted our leaders at 8:30pm the night of the shooting at PeaceHealth, asking if she could use her You’ve Been Perked cart for the ER team who lost their teammate, Lily. She was there the next morning serving coffee to those that could really use it after...

a person looks over the aftermath of an Oregon wildfire

Oregon Community Foundation

We are happy to be able to raise $600 that was given to Oregon Community Foundation, to help our local victims from the wildfires that happened in Fall 2020. We would like to thank ALL of our clients in the month of December that added the Eggnog & Caramel...

a Pacific Perks Perkologist with two guests at a You've Been Perked event

Salmon Creek Elementary

Perkologist Sarah Rogers from our Vancouver office served FREE coffee to Salmon Creek Elementary teachers and staff!

firefighters in front of a wildfire


This past December, Pacific Perks in SW WA/PDX Metro decided to give back to the devastation in Paradise, CA. For every Seasonal Upgrade ($35) added to our clients’ services during the month, Pacific Perks gave $15 toward CampFire. Our goal was $1500 and we are...

Eddie Allen holding a Pacific Perks coffee after The Gardner School of Arts and Sciences received a You've Been Perked event

The Gardner School of Arts and Sciences

Congratulations to our very first recipient of the You’ve Been Perked Program – The Gardner School! They have nominated the Humane Society of Southwest Washington, Share, and the Community Foundation as the next possible recipients. Go to our Facebook page to vote,...

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a lineup of four coffee drink options from a Pacific Perks espresso mobile café