See Something (good), Say Something, (good)!

See Something, Say Something

We are familiar with the catchy phrase,  “see something, say something” in the campaign of being self aware of our surroundings.  If something doesn’t look right, speak up to keep everyone safe.  It has become an important reminder!

Last week while listening to the radio on my commute (aka doing my hair in my bathroom), I heard a new version of that catchy phrase, “See Something (good), Say Something (good)”.  I absolutely LOVE this version as well.  There is so much going on in the world and to take the time to also see the good around us, is so important.  

The Act of Sharing the Good That You See is Easy, Fast, and Often FREE! 

Here are some examples of ways to “SSG,SSG”;

  1. In conversation, you hear a compliment about someone you know.  Don’t let it stop there…. Share it with the person the compliment was targeted at.
  1. If you see an article in the paper of a friend, co-worker, family and/or customers –  Screenshot the article header and email it to them saying “congrats” or let them know that you loved seeing them in the paper.
  1. See a stranger being kind in the community – say something.  You can even post it on social media and tag that person, location and/or company that they represent.
  1. Smile at someone in the elevator.
  1. If you like someone’s shoes, glasses, etc… genuinely compliment them.  Of course you always want to know your audience and make sure it is appropriate.
  1. Look people in the eye and smile and thank them for their help, maybe they held the door, or did something that made your day better.
  1. We are quick to post or talk about the negative.  How about being quick to give a business and/or employee a rave review on their service? 

Small Actions, Big Impact

It is the little things that have a ripple effect (and compounding effect) that can make an impact on your community.  It also creates a connection with people. Where there is connection, there is a strong force to be reckoned with.  Hurts can be mended, friendships created, clients won and days made brighter.  Nothing bad can come out of “Saying Something (good), When You See Something (good)” as long as you keep it genuine and appropriate.

I would love to hear about the “good” you saw today!  Did you say something?


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