MS Support

MS affects a lot of people in the Pacific NW – and everywhere. It seems everyone knows someone who faces the daily challenges of it. Pacific Perks is one of those and actually the reason for its creation. My husband, Jim, has had MS for 15 years and it has slowly changed our lives. The silver lining is that we were given the strength and courage to take a leap of faith to start our own business, forcing us to balance our lives … a BLESSING!

THANK YOU to all of our friends and family for their endless support. Jim and I are so humbled by the generosity and caring we have been surrounded by. The featured image for this blog is Jim at a recent MS walk, sitting on his “cruzin cooler.” It goes 15 miler per hour and enabled us to enjoy a trip to Cancun! The best part is that it carries a case of … well, whatever you would like! 🙂

As mentioned, we participate in as many MS Walks as we can around the Vancouver/Portland and Central Willamette Valley areas, serving complimentary espresso, so join the next one you can and grap a vanilla latte or fruit smoothie!

– Natalie


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