New Business in Town!

Albany, OR, February 3, 2016 ( – Albany, OR – It’s such a unique business model that the health department wasn’t even sure how to classify it! Pacific Perks is a flat-fee mobile cafe that has been around since 2007 in SW Washington and the Portland Metro and just recently has expanded to serve the entire Central Willamette Valley.

Whether it’s an open house, employee or customer appreciation, wedding, trade show, private party or golf tournament (or just about any other event you can think of), Pacific Perks brings the fun to you! A personal Barista shows up on location, serves the guests, and roll out as if no one was ever there – and the client gets all the credit. What a great idea for businesses looking to show appreciation to their valued clients or customers – everyone loves a morning or mid-afternoon “perk!”

“One of the things our clients love most is that they don’t have to plan, set up, clean up or worry about a thing. We take care of all the details from start to finish, which allows them to interact with their guests and fully enjoy the event,” says Owner Katie Jo Jensen. “Clients will send or bring us to locations they’ve never visited themselves, and we’ll do a site inspection ahead of time at no extra charge.”

Jensen adds, “We are self-contained and require nothing other than a 16-square-foot area to serve from. We’ve even set up in tiny patient exam rooms before!” All bars provide custom-made beverages and dessert, which makes them perfect for marketing reps that need to “buy some time” with current or potential clients.

Pacific Perks specializes in creating a fun and surprising experience while promoting businesses, rewarding teams, and celebrating life’s events. For more information, visit or call 541.248.7491


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