Homemade Hot Cocoa Bar

If you are having a holiday gathering and want to do something special for your guests, a Hot Cocoa Bar is all the rage! In fact, Pacific Perks Coffee, LLC has launched a Gourmet Hot Cocoa Bar with a menu featuring the following drinks:

Candy Cane Cocoa

Snicker Doodle


Raspberry White Truffle

Salted Caramel

Almond Joy

Caramel Nougat

Mexican Hot Cocoa

All of our cocoas are a mix of steamed milk, Guittard Milk Chocolate or Ghirardelli White Chocolate (depending on the drink), Italian syrups, whipped cream, and fun toppings. Some even include Guittard Caramel, too! Our team had a blast taste-testing the variety of drinks and couldn’t wait for our customers to try out the new bar! It has received rave reviews so far and is a perfect addition to Holiday Gatherings and Winter Festivities of all kinds!

With it being the Season of Giving, I’d like to share our secret. So let’s talk about how to create a Gourmet Hot Cocoa Bar on your own – and on a budget! It can be simple, fun, and a great activity. Start by making hot cocoa (either with water or milk) and put it in a carafe or pump pot. Next, set out some bowls with different toppings. All white containers on a festive tray looks great. For your toppings you might include Marshmallows (mini white or mini multi-colored), Cinnamon Sticks, Crushed Candy Canes (you can buy them crushed in the bulk section at Winco or in a package at World Market), Small Candy Canes, Chocolate Sprinkles, Chocolate Chips, Italian Syrups (most grocery stores or Cash & Carry), Liqueurs, Chocolate/Caramel Syrup, Crushed Graham Cracker, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cocoa Powder (for dusting) …

Set out festive cups, serving spoons/tongs, stir-sticks, napkins, and whatever else you think will compliment your set-up. Then, let people create their own masterpiece. Guaranteed to be a huge hit! Have a fun Holiday Season!


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